Kaizen Net – Organize Online Kaizen Contests, Its FREE.

Improves participation, visibility, replication potential by creating learning by sharing resource.

Kaizen contests are excellent platform to encourage continuous improvement thought process with in group companies, suppliers, members or other associate entities. Due to COVID 19 pandemic gatherings are not possible, OpExWorks is offering Kaizen Net platform FREE to all industry associations, companies, suppliers and other ecosystem partners to arrange Kaizen contests online and keep Kaizen spirit moving ahead.

Participants Access
Each participant will be given an access to portal using which they can submit kaizen for contest and view kaizen submitted by other participants

Organizer Access
Organizer can grant access to participants and view the kaizen submitted, carry out preliminary assessment submitted kaizen meeting the contest criteria. Evaluate Kaizen based on defined assessment criteria for reward.

Kaizen bank
All Kaizen submitted by participants and accepted by organizers are included in one kaizen bank which is searchable on multiple parameters like participant, kaizen type, improvement area among others.

Collaborate and Scale Higher

Configurable assessment framework
Kaizen assessment and evaluation framework is configurable by organizers depending on participant profile, focus area etc. Multiple evaluation parameters can be defined.

Kaizen Assessment and Evaluation
Using assessment framework, points are awarded to kaizen depending on evaluators assessment of achievement on each parameter and a total points earned for one kaizen form the basis for raking in contest.

Reward best efforts
Using point wise ranking best efforts can be rewarded. You may choose to reward best efforts in all kaizen categories or kaizen category wise.

Improve participation
Since entire flow of the contest is completed online from submission to evaluation, larger participation is possible.

Kaizen bank as shareable learning resource
This Kaizen bank is visible to all participants in view only mode, there by increasing the potential of replication among participants. The kaizen bank will remain online as long as organizer desire, providing all participants a learning resource.

Used by many
Many companies in the past have used it conduct online kaizen contest for their suppliers including Bajaj Auto Ltd, Mahle Thermal Systems among others.

OpExWorks has made this platform available to ecosystem partners for free. Any industry association, regulatory bodies or large companies can use these platform for organizing kaizen contest for their members, associates or suppliers for free.

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