How to Be the Internal Auditor Champion within your organization?

Audit Cloud

The tedious process to any internal auditor like yours is the compilation of all the audit records and findings. The whole process includes planning audits, maintaining checkpoints, revising check sheets, noting findings, observations, nonconformity, etc.

Internal audits uncover the areas where your organization needs improvements in reducing environmental, health, and safety risks and hazards. The review of these internal audits is very critical for all the organizations to manage risks appropriately and to ensure processes are followed. Ignorance may lead to huge fines and penalties from external audits or may lead to losing your customer.

How can you be the champion internal auditor?

Do you think auditing is time-consuming, difficult? Using OpExWorks, you can start saving time, resources for your organization and eliminate risks associated with a lengthy audit report processes, documentation efforts, and associated risks.

Futuristic Plan

At the beginning of the year, you should be ready with a well-prepared calendar plan for internal and external audits. Once this is done, you should communicate all the internal as well as external stakeholders in the audit process about your plan and about the expectations. This will give clarity of work and avoids frustrations. By keeping the target to be the audit-ready by end of the year, you can prepare schedules and keep reconciliations up-to-date which will reduce the overall time and efforts for audit. The benefit of collaboration between your organization and the external auditors throughout the year can avoid last-minute surprises and allow the organization to make appropriate plans or necessary changes.

Audit Platform

Using OpExWorks Audit & Compliance Platform, organizations can streamline their internal & external audit processes and it will automate your entire audit, compliance & conformity management processes. Below are the few key features:

  • Manage multi-team multi-location audits
  • NC Registration & Resolution Tracking
  • Document or evidence upload functionality

OpExWorks Audit & Compliance Platform is the collaboration platform where each stakeholder of the audit process will be given access with unique credentials to manage their part of the audit process. They can access applicable audits and compliance, note down their observations. It is the ideal system for internal auditors to securely record observations together with photos, videos and recordings captured in the field and it can further extend your teams’ productivity with the easy access to regulatory compliance and to internal audit protocols. The objective is not to only note observations but also to minimize gap between internal & external audits. With its 4 level escalation matrix, OpExWorks Audit & Compliance Platform will make sure all the NCs and recommended actions are completed along with its assessment.

Ready for the External Audit

World’s 3rd largest 2-wheeler manufacturing company uses OpExWorks Audit & Compliance Platform to transformed its manual audit and compliance management process in the supply chain to a completely paperless with real-time data visibility & analytics and achieved the highest value addition. Currently, they can manage 300+ monthly and weekly mandatory compliance submissions from their 50+ suppliers on this single system. On average, they are monitoring 12.5K checkpoints on a monthly basis across the supplier base. Check out the video for more details on this case.Click here to request a free account.

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