4 Tools for a Paperless Shop Floor

Going paperless is the right strategy for any growing enterprise. If you think from the lean principles, the amount of time spent on filing documents, searching for the right documents, resources used for authorizations, invoices, or any documentation needed for auditing and compliance purpose, is the muda. You need technological tools to eliminate non-productivity and go for a paperless environment that will streamline workflow and enhance productivity. To become a paperless enterprise, you need below 4 tools for your company –

1) Audit Management Software:

Companies involved in a numerous number of internal as well as external audits every year. All the audits are documented for further analysis and future references. Each audit involves check-sheet having multiple checkpoints, observations, remarks, etc. Managing all these audits on papers and then entering data on excels or reports consumers company’s resources, time and efforts.

Managing audits on mobile and the web-based software will not only saves cost but also saves a lot of man-hours needed for sending reports to all stakeholders, taking approvals, managing multiple teams at different locations. All the data will be maintained on a central cloud location which will be accessible to authorized persons.

2) Gauge & Calibration Software:

Any manufacturer has hundreds of gauges which need to calibrate from time to time. Calibrated gauges are very vital to be at par with customer expectations. Ignorance of this activity may lead to losing customers, diminishing product quality, product rejection, etc. Keeping track of all the equipment on a paper-based or spreadsheet-based system is a very tiresome job and can lead to errors, delays in the activity.

Gauge & Calibration software will not only maintain master data of all your gauges, their calibration dates, but it will also push alerts to all stakeholders about upcoming calibrations dates or overdue calibrations automatically. This software can win trust in the minds of your customer and shows your commitment.

3) Kaizen Platform:

Companies committed to the environment of continuous improvement share their Kaizen Idea sheets monthly or quarterly or on a periodic basis. Once these Kaizen sheets are filed in folders, they will be rarely used again because if its traceability, its knowledge of existence, or its accessibility. The efforts will not be useful if needed for similar cases in the future or in the horizontal organization.

Kaizen cloud platform is for kaizen collaboration within suppliers or group companies or associates. Creating the Kaizen Idea sheet, its submission, approval, sharing it within your organization can be done on a single platform. All kaizen submitted by participating units are stored as a kaizen bank which is a shareable resource with all units and each selected kaizen can be viewed in the form of kaizen idea sheet promoting learning by sharing.

4) Compliance Management Software:

Compliance can either be one time or periodical which may also require supporting documents. Periodical compliances are to be done at a predefined interval of time. Keeping track of due dates of all the compliance, its completion and documentation is tedious work.

Compliance Management software is a solution that provides continuous insight into the status of an organization’s compliance framework and controls. As a unified solution, it can give users full visibility into all their compliance processes. Compliance offers workflow and automation to alert users to compliance activities in need of attention.

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