Digitize traditional manual processes for quality management program effectiveness

Digitizing the data capture and reporting will play a key role to identify opportunities for your growth plan and to sustain it on the longer horizon.

Many organizations failed to realize that the resistance to technology adoption in the organization can affect their growth. Even after following their strategic organizational and product roadmaps, they fall short of growth goals at the end of the year. Filing, monitoring checklists for the audits, compliance, NC will never be the sole objective of any quality program of the organizations that are aiming for sustainable growth. They will need a closed-loop quality management system to get real-time visibility on the checksheet, opportunities coming out of it and the analytics to align programs and processes with growth goals.

Delivering Quality Management System that Delivers Results

The success of a quality management program is when the organization is not only looking for managing concerns but also they have strong intent for the corrective actions. The effective Quality Management System (QMS) like OpExWorks will capture both and will also give real-time visibility to all stakeholders. The QMS will cover all the processes and standardize across the entire manufacturing value chain. Keeping your QMS goals at the center, scalable cloud systems like OpExWorks streamlines and automated the processes across your departments, plants and even at all suppliers.

To align with the global digital transformation initiatives, the system is futuristic.

  • The system is designed considering the users with different skill-sets
  • The system is user-friendly for easy adoption and acceptance even at MSMEs
  • Actionable insights for identifying new opportunities in your continuous improvement journey
  • Mobile capabilities for a real-time performance observation
  • Intuitive 100+ reports

The company’s department heads and management need a comprehensive view to implement proactive measures to improve quality performance on a continuous basis. OpExWorks QMS will give all the stakeholders real-time access to the information and performance reports across all the levels of the organization. As the analytics will uncover hidden opportunities, the organization can establish a high standard for its quality management program.

Use Actionable Insights for Quality Program Effectiveness

Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and evaluation mechanisms should be the prerequisite for any quality management system (QMS). The success should be measured by reduction in rejections, failures and incident prevention. QMS should capture the success and failures of preventative measures implemented. Organizations must take a holistic view of quality to effectively integrate and manage all risks and compliance needs.

Visibility on Employee Performance

  • Audit findings, closure performance
  • Overdue tasks: Compliance, Non-conformity, risk assessments, or issue closure

Visibility on Program Performance

  • Historical records of the company’s past customer rejections, internal rejections, NCs, incidents
  • Leading Indicators – Measurements of preventative measures

Visibility on Vendors Performance

  • Historical records of your suppliers’ past rejections, NCs, audit observations
  • Leading Indicators – Measurements of your corrective and preventative actions

Actionable insights derived from your data can play a crucial role in the organization’s quality management program. With the systematic implementation of OpExWorks QMS, organizations can set high standards not only for internal processes but for the entire supplier base. You can create a free account HERE to experience the QMS currently used by 300+ manufacturers.

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