About OpExWorks

ABOUT OpExWorks Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

OpExWorks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a software solutions company providing information technology and e learning support to manufacturing companies in their TPM, TQM, World Class Manufacturing and Lean manufacturing journey. We provide many solutions for achieving excellence in supply chain & supplier quality and implementation of Quality Management System, Plant Maintenance Management System and Operations Management systems at suppliers.  Since last six years our solutions are in use at many large world class manufacturing companies

Based in Pune, India.

Web site : www.opexworks.com

OpExWorks Platform for Supplier Excellence and SQA

OpExWorks Solutions is for OpExWorks Framework for supply chain excellence and supplier quality improvement. To View Presentation : Click Here

OpExWorks RIYO software suite for Quality, Productivity and Maintenance management

RIYO Software for Quality Management, Productivity Management and Maintenance Management at suppliers.  To View Presentation : Click Here