Are you incurring losses because of Spreadsheet & Paper based QMS?

OpExWorks Cloud QMS - Paperless

All businesses operate in a dynamic environment and therefore involved in never-ending daily challenges like on-time customer delivery, managing employees, maintain quality standards. To manage these challenges you invest resources on training people, adhering to compliances, etc. And then the question comes, is managing all these activities on paper or spreadsheet (Excel) based system really help you?

Many organizations are still using these systems in the era of Industry 4.0 and not realizing the wastage in the whole process. Please think if you or your team is facing any of below situation

  1. Filing all the documents in the right folders
  2. Keep the track of the latest records, revisions of the documents, etc.
  3. The cost you get in maintaining stationeries, resources to manage all the documentation.
  4. Losses you incurred because of not getting information at the right time.

Many research indicates more than 12% of the revenue is spent on creating, managing and distributing paper documents. There is no contingency in case of loss of paper-based records, due to unforeseen events such as flood or fire.

To manage all these complexities, software is the right solution. The cloud-based software – Software as a Service (SaaS), will tackle all the challenges. Find below benefits of the cloud-based QMS system:

  1. With a single click, you can file, track all the documents with their revisions.
  2. Authorized persons can access any information on any device at any given time at any location.
  3. The cost of SaaS license is even affordable to MSMEs
  4. With automated back-ups, there will no data losses because of any events.
  5. The management has total control over reading and editing access of all users.
  6. To avoid confusion or human errors, only the latest revision of the document is accessible to the employees.
  7. You can set alerts to the relevant personnel for the new revisions created
  8. The management can give approval and signoff instantly from any location with the automated alerts.

The 100% paperless, cloud-based QMS will be the change-maker in your organization. With effortless access to information, one-click availability and alerts will make their day-to-day life easier and they can focus on more important and productive work. We have seen cases where post-QMS implementation, there are significant improvements in company performance, delivery quality, lead times and customer satisfaction. And most importantly, internal or external audits now will be a piece of cake because you will always be Audit ready with paperless QMS in place. This will boost customer confidence in you.

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